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The health of your business is our business, and here at CPR-UK Ltd we take your business seriously. Check out our range of bespoke courses and services and take full advantage of our commitment to you and your business. Unlike most other providers we will not ask you to download an App!

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Start securing your business and personal data, and comply with GDPR. Just click here and take control of what is important to you:

GDPR Compliance

gdprThe General Data Protection Regulations GDPR adds to the Data Protection Act. All organisations that handle data that is personal need to comply with the new rules. You'll find the best mr bet here, you have time to get it! Let us assist you with the following:

  1. Information audit – to find what personal data you hold, where it came from and with whom it is shared
  2. Review and update privacy policies and notices
  3. Update policies and procedures on how you delete personal data
  4. Update policies and procedures on how you handle requests from individuals when they request access to their data
  5. Identify what data should be held, what reason it is held for, how long it is held for
  6. Update policy on how consent to gather data is sought, how this is recorded and how this consent is managed
  7. Policies and procedures to detect personal data breaches, report them and investigate them

We can also act as your single point of contact as the data controller for your organisation to make sure that you comply with the new legislation.

Corporate policy review

corporate process reviewCorporate policy is usually set out by an organisation’s board of directors or senior managers and covers the strategies and plans of the organisation. These should also include by what means the performance is measured and who is accountable within the organisation. As organisations evolve theses policies are likely to need updating to keep in line with the changes, let us assist you in with this.

Data review and protection

Let us review how you hold data, whether electronically or on paper and check how secure this is. We can recommend how this could be made more secure if there are issues with keeping it protected.

Business review of your policies

It is important to have up to date and effective policies and procedures for your organisation. These need to be easily applied and understood by relevant personnel. Your organisations policies and procedures should be designed to be easily taken into account when carrying out day to day activities. Let us review your policies and update them.